“James and the Giant Peach”, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Greenside @ Nicolson Square – Emerald Theatre
50 minutes
Suitability: 5+ (5 and older)
Group: Dynamik Theatre

28 August 2023
Jamilah Al Mazrouei in Edinburgh



This is a funny show and you really feel like you are part of it with us doing things with the actors. (My mum said this is “interactive”.)

The costumes were really good – they must cost a lot of money.

My family were all giggling and there were people – even adults – who were crying with laughter.

I hope I do not use a stick when I am old like the man here.

What a great time!

Jamilah Al Mazrouei


The Cast
James – Mitch Brown
Green Grasshopper – Annabel Pilcher
Centipede – Jack Higgins
Earthworm / Tourguide – Ollie Harper
Miss Spider – Alex Wheatley
Miss Ladybird – Yasmeen Shaaban
Aunt Sponge – Rhiannah Price
Aunt Spiker – Ellie Creedon
Captain of the Queen Mary / Old Man / Mr Trotter – Ed Blann
Number 1 / Mrs Trotter – Steph Westwood
Number 2 / News Reporter – Maz Corry